Lawrence Technological University
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Lawrence Technological University
location icon Southfield, United States of America | Private
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We're about Theory and Practice – taking abstract ideas into the real world to solve tomorrow’s problems. Our reputation comes as much from what we’re doing now as it does from our storied past.

Lawrence Technological University was born in 1932 during the middle of an innovation explosion that would change the world. None other than Henry and Edsel Ford helped launch the revolutionary experiment that would become LTU, providing guidance and space in their sprawling former Model T assembly plant for the fledgling school.

Today, we’re still changing the world. Since those early beginnings students and alumni have gone on to design and engineer the tools, buildings, and products that helped define their generations. And tomorrow’s LTU students will do the same.

For more than 90 years, Lawrence Tech has continued to prosper and accelerate its growth, hone its educational philosophy of theory and practice, build important community and professional alliances, and forge partnerships with the businesses, organizations, and industries that recruit and hire Lawrence Tech alumni. 

Learn more about the History of Lawrence Tech by looking at the Overview of History, The Story of Chappy (the "Spirit of Lawrence Tech" airplane) and LTU Traditions .

It was a firm belief in the future that motivated Russell E. Lawrence to found a university in 1932 – in the midst of the economic chaos of the Great Depression. While less farsighted individuals made predictions of gloom, Russell Lawrence and his brother, E. George Lawrence (who led Lawrence Tech from 1934 to 1964), turned a dream of preparing students for leadership in the new technical era into reality.

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